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Quintessential Parent, Quintessential Children

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

There is one thing we're certain of from the time we're born to now, and that is; We are. And "to be", is probably the limit of all human experience.

Two sentences are as esoteric next to each other as any parent and child. The only discernible difference between sentences like parents and children, is their content. Otherwise the language is obviously the same; that is, they act on the same principles as all language. Categorically, every parent has the experiences of a child, but not necessarily their child.

Should we continue to explore the relation between sentences, it's imperative that both parties recognize the subject. Perhaps only these sentences in conjunction reveal that the subject of either sentence could be time. either by it's tense or the omission of past and future. A parent , is no different from two, because independent of the quantity of persons adopting or accepting that role, parents use the same mode of communication with their child, or children. Making adjustments to this mode that directly concern the quantity of parents per household, if custody or private living arrangements demands the child to relocate in any frequency, are difficult for any parent. What the parent must understand, is if they cannot replicate the conditions of their childhood, to at least predict the behavior of their children, parents can learn how children operate, and formulate strategies that will encourage self-acceptance and group cooperation. It takes a village to raise a child. In America, a majority of these villages are confined to 4.3 persons per household( that is, two parents and 2.3 children), and contrary to popular belief, all these houses can raise their children well, with a village of two.


Not Dr. Spock

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